Day 2 and 3 of Dr. Schulze’s Modified 30 Day Detox…the peaks and valleys of a detox

Well, I am here to attest that you will definitely have your high and low days in this process.  Day 2 and 3 could not have been more polar opposites and as I write this…I am on Day 4 and have TONS of energy!  Day 2 started out the same.  The dry skin brushing followed up with the hot/cold shower.  My energy levels were definitely depleted but I persevered.  I began taking the Intestinal Formula 2 as my “movement” was satisfactory.  However, the handbook they provide, failed to tell me to take it on an empty stomach so I just started doing that mid to late day yesterday and I believe that has made a world of a difference!  Always helps to read the instructions in all places.  So, Tuesday just seemed to come and go.  I did feel good enough to get dressed and run a couple of errands.  No makeup and hair that is resembling straw because I am having to douse my face 2x a day where the nerve pain is resonating…not ideal look for the vane person…good thing I am not.  Picked up a couple of things and then went to walk my god dog who always gives me lots of kisses and that makes me smile!  Back home, I was sitting on my sea wall and got a very up close and personal visit from a dolphin trying to herd its dinner.  He swam by me, stuck his snout out, rolled on his back and gave me quick a smile and then swam away.  It was a magical experience and I felt a blanket of peace come over me.  Then Wednesday, Day 3, reared its ugly head!  Woke up completely depleted of energy and mad at the world.  I am known to be a pretty upbeat and smily person but not today.  I could have shot daggers out of my eyes, my stare was so cold and harsh.  I recognize that I will have my peaks and valleys kind of days and this was definitely one of them.  The moment when I knew that my anger was present was when I was taking my barefoot walk and almost stepped in dog poo!!  I know exactly who it belonged to and if she would have been home, I would have picked it up…marched over to her door and smeared it in her face!  Lol!  So, I decided to keep myself in the confines of my own area for the remainder of the day with the exception of guided meditation which I will probably not be attending until after the cleanse is complete because it sits adjacent to a PDQ…I have never had PDQ nor have I ever wanted PDQ but when you are on a strictly juice diet…not only are you hungry for real food in the beginning…but your senses are heightened!  One whiff, as I opened my car door, and I almost lost my mind!  Lol!  Back home, the anger continued.  It was not until after my cold/hot shower that my energy levels perked back up…great…just when I needed to go to bed.  Oh well.  Like I said, it is a process and I am embracing it with a grateful and compassionate heart.   Some of the detox results I have already began to notice are the cyst on my forehead has significantly reduced.  I concentrate fully on that area for one repetition of the hot/cold shower therapy and move it around gently with my fingers, the rosacea on my nose and cheeks is fading with every passing day.  Let’s not discount the energy levels either!  Let’s see, the raspiness of my voice is less noticeable, that goes along with the coughing up the mucus….and of course….what started it all…my nerve pain…I can talk again without wincing!  Even my cellulite has began to diminish!  I am elated and can not wait to see more things!   Now…onto Day 4!

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Day 1 of the Dr. Schulze Modified 30 Day Detox…The mystery of the Pink Poo

Well, day 1 is in the books and I have to say that it was truly a great day!  Started out at 7am and began with my 8oz of distilled water that was conveniently sitting on my nightstand then relieved my bladder…my urine was pink?? I then did my dry skin brushing to prepare my body for the cold/hot shower therapy in which the water washed away what looked like ashes (icky dead skin).   For those of you not familiar with the cold/hot shower, it is starting your shower with a mixture of hot and cold water and simply relaxing for the first few minutes then you turn the water all the way to cold…BRRRR!!!  Leave it there concentrating the water on the diseased areas of the body…mine is my left jaw and neck area as well as the right forehead where I have a cyst…now since I am not taking any of my homeopathic pain management pills…a stiff breeze aggravates my nerve pain so you can imagine ice cold water pummeling my face…YOUCH!  After what seems an eternity (1 minute) then you turn the water all the way to HOT as hot as you can take it and again leave it there for a minute again concentrating on the disease area…you repeat this process 7 times and end with the hot and then bathe normally.  My hair has seen better days since my diseased area is predominately the face and this process has to be performed both morning and evening.  During my evening shower routine, my body kept yelling at me…let go of these memories…let go of the memories…so I asked my body what memories it wanted to let go of…all of a sudden these three specific memories came flooding into my head.  The age range was from a young child to early 20’s.  It was crazy and they were very specific.  I am not new to the emotional healing aspect of things as I have watched physical manifestations on my body (warts and growths) disappear right before my eyes after an emotional healing session.  HUGE believer in that!  Back to my day though…I made my first morning juice of apple, carrot and ginger…it’s funny…I was so nervous I followed a recipe…by my second juice I was throwing whatever was handy into the juicer and it has all tasted so delicious…I am now a juicing pro!  I had a small touch of nausea after ingesting the Echinacea Plus tincture…so I decided to go outside and take a barefoot walk in the grass by the water…I am extremely fortunate to live on the open water where dogs are not allowed so no pet waste to worry about.  This helped to relieve the nausea…that and some really deep breaths…I think we all forget to breathe in life.  Then it was time for my first poo of the program…it was fuchsia!  I believe I will be laying off the beets or maybe just reducing them in my juice so my poo does not look like the icing on a Unicorn cake!  Lol!  I do not need any shock and awe moments during this cleanse.  By 10:30am I was feeling really good and energized so I got dressed and headed out to pick up some things that I failed to get…one being organic garlic…I have to eat 3 cloves of garlic a day…YUCK!  Talk about burning your mouth off!  My head was feeling a bit more clear than usual so that is always a good thing.  Came back home and prepared my lunch juice of kale, carrot, cucumber, celery, ginger and tumeric.  Delicious!        With this program, you are almost constantly ingesting, preparing or doing some sort of detox treatment on your body…no time wasted.  Around 12pm I started washing and cutting the veggies for the potassium broth…well 2 hours later I was done with that!  By far my least favorite thing  to do in this program thus far.  I dumped my peeled carrots, peeled potatoes and peeled onions in with my chopped kale, celery and beets with 50…yes 50 cloves of garlic….good thing I am not kissing anyone…lol…into the stockpot with distilled water and let it simmer for about 3 hours…then drained the veggies from the broth…too bad I do not have a garden for all of this wonderful composte…then poured the broth into mason jars to store in the refrigerator.   Missed laying out by the pool with my friend but…I am dedicated to this program!  Soon, it was time to make yet another juice.  I think I may float away with all of the liquid I am consuming!  Finished off the evening with a diluted pear, apple and ginger juice and by 10pm…I was T.I.R.E.D!  Sprayed my air detox spray in the room…hit the lights and went night night!  All in all a pretty good day!  If things are happening this quickly, i.e. the emotional healing, I am excited for what is to come in the next 30 days.  I truly believe that this will work and I will give the permanent eviction notice to my facial nerve pain!  Stay tuned.

My body is healing itself!

That is the affirmation I will be saying to myself in the mirror as I take my body through this 30 day journey of an intense detox and cleanse.  First, a little background.  I am 44 years young.  Lead a pretty healthy lifestyle.  I do yoga a few times a week, eat only organic when at home and try to make smart choices when out and about.  I drink alcohol two sometimes three times per week, usually wine or rum.  I am not married and do not have children.  My cleaning supplies and personal products are either organic or naturally derived.  The most toxic thing I have in my space would be my electronics and/or fabric/clothing.  Oh, and I live on the open water with the salt water permeating the air.  So, why tell you all of this?  Well, about 9 years ago I began having the most excruciating pain in my left jaw.  It started as a tingle and then within a few days, it rendered me speechless.  At the time, I was going through a great deal of stress.  My boyfriend was unemployed and I was having to pick up the slack for both households, my kitty, that was only two years old, had passed away suddenly, my home was in foreclosure and my job as a wardrobe stylist for production was always stressful.  Back then, I still believed in the route of Western Medicine.  I began with the dentist since it was in my jaw, certainly this was the cause.  It wasn’t so he referred me to an oral surgeon who took X-rays and found no masses.  He then referred me to a neurologist because he thought I was symptomatic of an MS patient.  I wasn’t, instead the neurologist diagnosed me with Trigeminal Neuralgia.  He did a physical exam that consisted of what you might do during an infield sobriety test, wrote me a prescription for the drug Lyrica and sent me out the door with a follow up appointment scheduled for 60 days out.  When I questioned how I got this disease or even what it entailed, he had no answers…just that I would have it for the remainder of my life (I was 35) and there is no known cause.  Bewildered, I left the office.  Back at home, I began to research this drug Lyrica…the side effects were and still are horrendous!  The weight gain was what first caught my attention.  I had just ordered a size 0 bridesmaids dress for my friend’s wedding!  20lbs of weight gain would not make myself or the bride to be very happy.  I began to look for alternatives.  I noticed that the drugs being subscribed for this condition were anti-seizure drug.  Hmmm…not sure of that.  I chose to utilize the drug Tegretol and phoned my doctor to have the prescription changed.  They were not very happy but reluctantly agreed so I began to take the drug.  It was less than two days that I began to lose my quality of life.  My vision was triple, driving was no longer an option which meant work was non existent as well.  If I was standing and closed my eyes, I would immediately fall over so showering by myself was no longer an option as well.  I moved in with my boyfriend and at 35 years old, I was being bathed by him on one of those shower stools.  The drug began to desensitize me to everything.  His Dad, who had taken a spill off the roof and was on some serious pain meds, and I sat next to one another on the couch….slumped to the side almost drooling.  It was a sad sight I am sure of it.  After just 10 days on the drug, I said no more!  I began to research more natural ways.  Found forums created for those suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia and eventually connected with a doctor that directed me to an Upper Chiropractic Specialist.  This man was an angel.  After just one visit, I was 100% all meds free and 85% pain free.  I continued to make weekly visits for the next year to a year and a half and finally became 98% pain free.  I was elated!  This was just the beginning of my journey to natural health.  I began reading about toxicity and how inflammation was the root cause of all diseases.  My digestive system has not always been the best so all of those toxins that don’t get secreted are just building up on my colon wall!  Yuck!  Think about your car and when you get lazy and fail to change the oil…how thick and gunky it is when you finally do.  So, I found a colon hydrotherapist and began to have regular colonics.  At first I felt great!  Then, I would have my morning session and come home to make a healthy smoothie with protein powder, milk, banana and peanut butter.  Within 10 minutes, I was comatose.  I could not keep my eyes open!  I decided to share my latest dilemma with my colon hydrotherapist and since you’re always in an al fresco kinda situation there is nothing better to do than to chit chat while you’re having your pipes irrigated.  She told me about a doctor, that was close by, that she felt could help me with my health issues.  I immediately made an appointment and during the first few minutes of our first visit, he told me that I had a dairy allergy.   I replied with yes, I have always been lactose intolerant but I take these lactaid pills…he smiled and said no…you have an a.l.l.e.r.g.y.  which means that the dairy is creating inflammation inside of your body!  Well, needless to say, I stopped dairy cold turkey…and guess what…my trigeminal neuralgia pain went away…poof…it’s gone!  Talk about dancing in the street!  Now, could it have been a combination of the colonics, the diet elimination and the chiropractic adjustment…sure…one will never know.  So, fast forward to May of last year (2017).  Again, my stress levels were high but nothing nearly to the point of what they were in 2009.  Thinking back, I had a few minor pain flareups but nothing like this past May.  Again, rendered speechless.  It eventually calmed back down with just a few minor twinges here and there.  I began the diet elimination, spoke to my chiropractor, he adjusted me but nothing worked this time around.  It was around Christmas that I became mute and had to write things out on paper instead of speaking and chewing was even a bigger challenge.  By New Years, I was fit to be tied.  I began researching homeopathic remedies and happened onto a site called Biogetica.  I read through testimonials, watched videos and with a money back guarantee , I figured what the hay and ordered the five bottle regimen.  After just two days, my pain was “silenced”…I use this term because instead of being non existent, which it was before, I felt the deadening of the nerve.  I didn’t care.  I could talk and chew again!   After about 10 blissful pain free days, I became severely depressed and had suicidal thoughts.  I immediately made an emergency appointment with my chiropractor and he confirmed that one of the five bottles was overstimulating my body…story of my life.  I can’t ever go by the recommended dosage on the bottle for anything!  So, I immediately stopped everything!  I didn’t take a probiotic, an herb or a supplement for three days.  Wanted to give my system a rest.  Then, here comes the pain again.  I decided to start back with the bottle, that was causing the overstimulation, in small doses and monitoring my moods closely.  During this process, I remembered that my neurologist that issued the original diagnosis of Trigeminal Neuralgia, never ordered an MRI to rule out anything brain related, i.e. lesions and tumors.  So, I had my chiropractor order one so I could have peace of mind that I did not have something growing inside of my brain for over decade.  After having not one but two MRIs, one with contrast and one without, both scans came back clean!  Yes, that’s right, clean.  According to the radiologist, I have no visual neuroma of the trigeminal nerve and all nerves seem to be the normal size.  What??!!  So, I have never had trigeminal neuralgia??!!  I was put on some kind of drug that has horrific side effects for a condition that I didn’t even have!  It got me to wondering.  How many people out there are like me?  How many people go to a neurologist with my same symptoms and receive a diagnosis and drug prescription and then are walked to the elevator??  How many people take their doctor’s word for batum because they are the experts?  And sadly, how many of them have an underlying condition that mimics the symptoms of trigeminal neuralgia and end up taking their own life because their course of treatment does not work and/or sends them into a severe depressive state.  I would like to know the statistics of how many people who had this diagnosis and were on some sort of drug therapy that took their own life.  My goal is to change that statistic, drastically!  So, that brings me to today..Sunday February 19, 2018.  After a chance run in with my new neighbor, I have discovered, ordered and will be participating in starting tomorrow,  Dr. Schulze’s modified 30 Day Detox Cleanse.    It is a rather intense program, consisting of organic juicing and/or organic raw food consumption for all meals.  in addition, there are special supplements, tinctures and teas to aid in the cleansing of the bowel, liver and kidneys.  Not to be mistaken by his infamous “Incurables” program…that’s really intense!  Although, after encouragement by my new neighbor, I have decided to adopt the dry skin brushing and the hot/cold shower into my daily routine to give my facial nerve pain the biggest blow out punch I can possibly muster!  I will continue to post daily updates here and I also have a You Tube channel set up that will demonstrate the daily activities of the program and my progress within it.   I hope you will join me on my journey!  My goal is to help at least one silent sufferer of this horrendous disease.  That being said, please share my story so that one person can be reached!  Here’s to my GIANT step to healing my body!


I am not the consolation prize, I am the GRAND PRIZE!  I am worth more than just casual sex.  I deserve the whole enchilada.  The part of your heart that you are willing to give me and trust me to keep safe.  To have you share your hopes, dreams and fears.    Your unconditional love.  Your compassion and understanding of my baggage.  Your sideline cheers as I navigate the unchartered waters of my life.  And for you, I offer you the same.  And EVERY DAY we wake, whether it be next to one another or in a bed in our own separate space or in some distant town, I CHOOSE you and I CHOOSE us!  Because we both realize that a relationship is a choice every day.  That there may be some messiness that could keep us from choosing our love relationship that particular day but we must rise above that and still choose one another…to love…that day…and forever…

Practicing Unattached Love

Unattached love.  A definition  that I have recently discovered, read up on and studied.  I did not know I, myself, was practicing unattached love.  It is looking at the relationship with no predetermined end result…no expectations.  Simply living every day to enjoy each and every moment you have together.  Nobody is promised tomorrow and nobody can predict how long it will last.  It is not giving up and it is not withholding your love.  If anything, it is giving your love freely.  You allow the relationship to speak for itself rather than go by society’s standards.  You allow them to be who they are and love that person freely.  You want only happiness for that person even if it means that you are no longer a part of their life.  It is not easy.  It takes an evolved person to achieve such love.  It ignites your own triggers from childhood hurts.  It helps you to dig deep and reach another level of evolvement with each broken union.  However, it is the healthiest way to love and if you are lucky, you will have a partner that can achieve the same way of loving and your union will grow and flourish in an organic way.   If you do not have a partner that achieves this level of love, then count your blessings as well, because by providing unattached love, you have given them a gift.  Will you practice unattached love?

Online vs App Dating

For those of you that follow my blog, you are aware about my feelings towards online and app dating.  It is simply not for me…any more…and here is why.  Online dating, which is what I have done in the past,  is a completely different animal than App dating.  Remember with online dating, before smart phones?   You had to go home and look at your email on a computer to see if a “Match” had communicated with you….I use Match because back then, they were the only non religious dating service around.  It still had an air of fallacious to it.  Many of the men that I met up with, looked nothing like their pictures…and while we are on that subject…why do we have to go by pictures?  Why does everyone think it has to begin with that tangible attraction?  I would love to experiment with the online/app dating world and not have any pictures posted…you had to go by their bio and maybe some favorite quotes or books.  Only when you went on that first date would you get to meet the real thing.  Didn’t the “Dating Game” do something similar?  I wonder how that would thin out the population that look solely to the world of online dating to find their next conquest…or er their next partner.  I wonder if it would result in longer more fulfilling relationships.  I jest that since I am not partaking of this phenomena that you have to get to know me in an organic way.  There is no option to press on my forehead to see my bio.  Candid  pictures that include my loves and activities I enjoy don’t magically appear.  You have to ask me questions and I do the same to you.  It’s called conversation and it does not happen over text…it is face to face interaction.  That is the way you get to know a person…not by a bio that may or may not have been written by said person.  But back to online vs app….whoever thought this was a good idea? We live in a world where instant gratification is a must…no different with app dating.  And why is there 2,500+ dating sites?  I have perused friend’s different apps and they all have the same people so how are these different sites capitalizing?  In my humble opinion, I believe that app dating has contributed to the rise in divorce and the short lived relationships.  The phrase “Plenty of Fish in the Sea” has been coined by one of the freebies.  If someone is not happy, they don’t work at the relationship, they give up because they know that the single and sometimes the not so single dating pool is wider and deeper than it ever has been before!  Match has a campaign where they prey upon people like me and convince them that they are being left behind because they are not using their service.  That is just plain wrong!  I choose to be patient with the Universe to bring her the man that will complement her life.  I’m not going to lie, it is unnerving at times.  I do not get to date as much as I would like to.  So, what is a girl to do in my situation?  She realizes that everything is going to happen at the exact time it is supposed to.  So, for now, I stay positive and believe that everything will work out exactly as it should.

A Follow Up to “Expiration Dates”

I wanted to write a follow up to the controversial topic “Expiration Dates”.  To say that I received some negative feedback is an understatement but as my friend, who is an executive in media sales, pointed out to me is that without interest you have a dud.  Well, rest assured, it was not my intention to ruffle so many feathers and just to make things clear, I was not picking on just the males and it was most certainly not a poor me attempt.  I was simply expressing my point of view on a subject that quite often is swept under the rug.  Maybe the best adjective to use was realist rather than cynical.  I think we can all agree that we are only responsible and able to control our own actions and intentions.  That being said, there are two people in a relationship…two flawed humans.  You, yourself, can only love that other human as much as you possibly can and the same goes for the other flawed human.   Nobody can predict the future.  Nobody has control.  Anything can happen.  The love you feel for your current love interest could change.  Right now you feel that you could never love anyone more than you love your person…never is a strong word.  Never say never.  There is an infinite amount of love in the Universe.  Relationships are work.  It takes both people to wake up every morning and make the decision to love that person all day…even when things are not so great…but again…you can only control YOU.  So, yes.  I believe that every relationship does have an expiration date…death will not end your love for that person but it will alter your daily life.  So, live in the moment, live in the now.  Drink the expensive wine in the crystal glasses.  Move to the foreign country you have been researching.   Be the best version of yourself that you can be every day.  That is what ALL of your loved ones deserve.

Expiration Dates?

Being a perpetually single gal for majority of my adult life, I have come across some real winners in the “field”.   Maybe the scars I have suffered from the betrayal have made me a cynic but here is my recent observations…I am completely blown away when I pull up Facebook and/or other social media and see engagements, selfies of a “loving couple”,  posts on how great their man is…it makes my stomach turn…not because I am not a romantic…nothing could be further from the truth…after recently becoming “hooked” on the medieval series “Game of Thrones”…I know that I was not born for this era…that chivalry and being treated like a lady…well minus the rapes and slavery…are more appealing than being a woman fighting to be a part of a man’s “world”.  It makes my stomach turn because I either know first hand that this man that has just been engaged, taken a selfie with his wife/S.O.,  or whose S.O. has posted how wonderful he is…I know first hand that he has been and/or tried going outside said relationship whether it be with my friend, someone in his life or worst case scenario, attempted with yours truly…So, after all is said and done…is it cynical for me to look at EVERY relationship as if they have an expiration date?  They say “that all good things must come to an end”…is that with death or some other life changing event?   Is this training our brains to learn how to live in the now since tomorrow may never come?  We are not promised tomorrow, we are not promised one second from the last.  Is having faith the key here.  Having faith in what once was, what is now and what is to become.  Do we stake so much pressure on our outside relationships rather than just focusing on the most important one, with ourself.  If you do not fully know yourself and love yourself, then how can you expect another human being to…forever.  We are all struggling to get through this thing called life…slight Prince reference…I say pick your side of the fence and water that grass…

Playing for Keeps

I’m going to regress back to a previous topic that was centered around the show “Married at First Sight”.  I find this show fascinating for two reasons, first these couples are matched by four experts in the romance field and second, there is no prize they are competing for to endure six weeks as a married couple with a complete stranger except for love…no cash…no trips…it is not like “The Bachelor” where you are whisked away to exotic destinations and put into fantasy like situations where the real world does not exist.  These four couples meet for the first time at the alter, spend their wedding night together, honeymoon together and then move in together all in a matter of about a week.  They are allowed and encouraged to socialize with their friends and family, not be cut off from the outside world.  Probably the most “real” reality show out there right now in my opinion.  So, my question is this…if you were given a relationship that experts had chosen for you and they were confident that this was the best match for you, what would you do to keep it?  I am reminded of a movie called “Dangerous Minds” with Michelle Pfeiffer.  She gave everyone an “A” at the beginning of the school year siting that it was easy to earn an “A” but to keep an “A” was much more challenging.  So, if you were given the perfect relationship, what would you do to keep it?  How hard would you work knowing that was the best match for you?   What if everyone respected the sanctity of marriage the same way?  Would there be less divorce and possibly less marriages as a result?  Would “swipe right” have even become a coined phrase much like “Uber” has become a verb rather than a proper noun?   Why has our generation created a smorgasbord of options in the process of selecting a mate?   I know I speak for many, both male and female alike, that this generation of dating is nauseating.  The question is, how do we fix it?  Cell phones have replaced face to face contact.  Tones and implications are lost amongst the typed words and emojis.  I miss the days of the man calling you to ask you out and then coming to your door for a date and upon opening it he stands there, shy and nervous, holding some small token to express his interest in you.  Opening your car door or bringing an umbrella when rain is expected.  I crave chivalry and reciprocation.  I know and am aware that it is not all on the man that the ladies have to step back up to the plate as well.  We are all guilty of leading our lives as individuals and when that person comes along that could make us anything but, we shudder with fear not because we are fearful but because there was something, whether it be our own experience, our friend’s, our family member’s, a blog that we read or article that was shared on Facebook…there is always going to be negativity bombarding us to think the worse.  Two phrases I choose to close with…”Everything you want is on the other side of fear”  -Jack Canfield and “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well.” -Theodore Roosevelt

I encourage each one of you to watch just one episode of the show “Married at First Sight”…it shows how there are people out there willing to go to extremes to find and keep love…even if it is just for entertainment value…it has given me hope…

Mr/Ms Right vs Mr/Ms Right Now

Being a “guys girl”, I often witness the dating behavior among my male friends. Here is one thing that is stumping me. I have multiple male friends that are intimately involved with a woman that they really like and even say that the woman is so good to them that they do not deserve her but yet…continue to date/play kissing bandit almost daily with random women. Being on the other side and single myself, I have to wonder if I have ever myself been in the same situation. Have I ever been the Ms. Right Now while Ms. Right is put on the back burner…almost like a delicate sauce that the flavors have to simmer together for it to be perfect. Is it fair to either of the ladies? I say no. I believe that to have anything substantial you have to commit to getting to know that person without “distractions”. You pick one person and you try to make it work.

Is it a security or a generational thing? Recently, I had an epiphany. The children born in the 70’s and beyond are part of the “latch key” generation. The mothers left their homes and went out into the workforce. For some, this spawned affairs and self confidence which at some times, led to divorce. We are the first generation to witness and experience the disposable relationship. So, is this why we are the way we are…why we look at marriage and committed relationships so differently? I have said in the past, they have made it so simple to get a divorce these days and breaking up a relationship can be done via a text message. What is it that will make a relationship stand the test of time? If we are not ready for committed relationship, is it fair to go out and shop as if we are? Not everyone is on the same page when it comes to availability. Is it fair to someone that has the self love to be pursued by a person that does not have the same level of self love…only to have their heart broken in the end? If we were all like taxis and drove around with either our lights on or off…would that make things more simple when choosing a partner?